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  1. You have discord?!, i just got one recently, should totally pm me your discord
  2. Awww you poor soul, hopefully he comes to pull back up your internet
  3. YESSSSS will you be streaming sometimes soon love?
  4. Whenever i clean my room i can never finish it within the hours i said i would do because whatever i find that i thought i had lost, i end up either playing with it or procrastinate for 2 hours and then i go back to cleaning, and then the cycle continues by the time i finish it's already midnight . i need to fix it
  5. I'm just waiting for the day i ever get to collab with you This is amazinggggg
  6. I remember back then i was small, i used to be so scared of saying ''funky'' or ''funk'' because for some reason in my head. i thought it was basically another saying for ''fuck'' i would always never say it and i would get frustrated when talking sometimes because i was scared i thought i was gonna get my ass beat
  7. '' Surround yourself with people and places that set your soul on fire '' ♥ - Tamera Housley
  8. Goodluck honeybun! much love and kisses for you
  9. True true, and Yessss it has been! and you're still amazing as always with your art do you still stream while drawing or not anymore?, ive missed watching you lol

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