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This is a F.Y.I- This is my new account, my old account was Alleum since it was deleted the name was still available, so my new account (this one), was able to change into my last one.~

Anime Hello GIFs | Tenor

I am a full time college student and working a part-time job, so I rarely hope on IMVU & AH. I only hop on whenever I have free time, or slight occasions to check messages then a quick dipping out. (Or whenever I have a hunger for buying/browsing art-- Which is very convenient, while I'm doing homework, lool.)~ I'm a very private person, so I don't really like people who pushes for intruding answers about my life. If there's a need, I will let whoever I am talking to know what's going on, other than that.~ Everyone have a good daaayyy~:lazierblush:

Things I likey: 

Art, IMVU badges, anime, reading, horror, gaming, being somewhat organized, my boyfriend, Big Bewbs girls in art :drooly:, drawing, etc.

Anime Love GIF - Anime Love InLove - Discover & Share GIFs

Things I dislike:

Centipedes, thieves, rudeness, (basically all of the negative mindset),  errrmm..~

Yui K-On Cute | Anime shows, Anime friendship, Gamers anime

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