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Status Updates posted by lotusillustration

  1. my lil bro's bday is coming up so doing an offer for $20USD symmetrical headshots <3 full info in my customs shop!


     ♡ special offer: symmetrical headshots ♡

    1000x1000px canvas w/ blinking included

    headshot // $20

    dp crops likely won't look too good, but you can request smaller resizes if needed! (eg 200x200px for th)

    simple background included (transparent, flat colour, simple pattern, decorative pen etc)


    ♡ symmetrical headshot samples ♡

    large.artfight_cakepawz.gif.78b108e04abac07d1bd6c324e6619290.gif large.artfight_paradisemonster.gif.ac1f7d553998d590ef7c974ac4b03a89.gif



  2. commission slots are open, info in my shop!

    pixel art has now been added~ <3

  3. I've signed up for artfight! I'll do my best to participate (* >ω<)

  4. I made some changes to the summer onee-san & summer imouto ychs <3 both are still available for $40ea and include 3x animations!

    you can check my shop for the full details & form~


  5. I can finally make status updates! lmao

    I put my carrd together today, consider checking out for all my links & commission info!

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