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Martini? Hudat IDK her.




Welcome to my profile! If you made it here,

you most likely heard about me and my art, and I thank you for visiting my profile.


I am a digital illustrator, but I love doing character concept art the most. I love bringing a characters look, style and expression to life and the end result is always rewarding. I spend most of my time doing art for myself, but I want to spend time and offer my services to other people as well, hoping to make some income doing what I love most in life.


♦ CLICK HERE  Click here to see my art!


I'm expertised in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects and have worked with the software for 8 years and running. I'm also capable of doing Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Skinning, Rigging and Animating and have picked up some professional experience while working for an indie game studio in 2016. I plan on doing a new game related study this year to broaden my skills and hopefully land myself a job, either freelancing or in house.


Next to my art, I have been writing for a project since October 2016, titled Heavy Wings. Many of my OCs are part of the Heavy Wings universe which in it's entirety is much older than the time I started working on it as a canon project. I hope that one day I have enough information to give some insight on the project, and one day turn this into a visual novel or book.


 NOTE: Commissions CLOSED indefinitely, Working on orders and uni admission projects.  :fingerguns:



♦ F O O D 





♦ I N T E R E S T S  

Astronomy and Space



Fantasy and Science Fiction


♦ H O B B I E S  






♦ M U S I C  

Two Steps From Hell   

Mariah Carey

Ivan Torrent

Leona Lewis




♦ G A M E S 

Black Desert Online

League of Legends

The Forest

Kingdom Hearts

The Sims 4



♦ O Cs 








♦ M E D I A 


Deviant Art



League of Legends


♦ D E S P I S E S 





Brussel Sprouts

♦ C O M M I S S I O N S - I N F O 


I'm officially open for commissions!

You can find full information and tariffs in the section below. Common questions will be put in FAQ, but never hesitate to ask me anything that is missing!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the worldwide corona epidemic, I have been simplifying the art you can order for me into more simple brackets for the meantime. You can order display pictures, bust portraits or waist up artpieces. Please check the information below in the 'tariffs' tab. 


This is still under construction, but I am already open! Check the FAQ, or send me a private message if you need more information.



♦  F A Q  


I am trying to cover as much information about me and my work in here!



 How can I order a commission from you?

You may fill in the Customs Form in the frame below, and PM it to me! 


I'm currently experimenting with doing commissions through Discord, but my prefered method is still here on Art Haven. You also must have an Art Haven account to actually commission from me.


 How long will I have to wait for a custom?

Once I get to work, approximately 5 - 14 days depending on form, resolution and detail of your commission.


 What themes do you not accept to draw?

I do not draw extreme gore, amputations, mutations, furries or the likes!


Want NSFW art? Send me a PM and we can discuss wether or not I am the right artist for you to do the job.


 How and when do I provide payment?

Payment happens before I start your painting, and I will notify you and send you a Paypal invoice. The only payment I accept is on Paypal, and in Euro (EUR) or Dollar (USD). All Invoices will be send in USD and will be send to your Paypal Email address, which you will provide in the custom form.


 Do I need to submit reference in order to be eligible for a commission?

Yes, you may submit your references using your Deviant Art account (St.ash.) or by creating a moodboard of your own and by uploading it to Imgur, which allows you to create private picture albums. You may also upload to my DM on Art Haven directly. Art Haven has limited storage however, so keep in mind to clear your file again once the commission is done! 


 May I use other people's artwork and designs as a reference?

I do NOT accept reference of other art pieces or designs and will not copy over elements from these into your own. I may be influenced by the art you link, but I can not reference it completely. I also do not trace or have interest in copying an image entirely as a painting.


Please provide real photo reference as much as possible and avoid the above. As I mentioned, linking art is allowed but I refuse to flat copy designs not owned by you.  


The approval code for your form is AWOO.


 What if I do not own a design for an element say a weapon, yet?

Custom designs for weapons, armour, or anything that is new to me results in a higher price for your commission. The reason for this is because I will put effort and time to investigate online and sketching designs, which will take more time than if you provide me with a complete design. (Also explained within the pricing, see explanation on detail.)


 C U S T O M F O R M 


 REFERENCES: (Add link to your Sta.sh, moodboard or toyhou.se)

 ADDITIONAL INFO: (Animations, Poses, specific details you want me to focus on.)

 DP / BUST / FULL BODY: (Pick one, for now I only do DPs and busts.)

 MY NAME: (Name displayed on the large white 'sample' text.)

 MY NAME 2* : (Name displayed on the large white 'sample' text, for COUPLE DP's.)

 SMALL TEXT: (the small black displayed text on the top and bottom of the image.)

 SMALL TEXT 2*: (the small black displayed text on the top and bottom of the image. for COUPLE DP's.)

 E-MAIL: (I need your e-mail to send you an invoice.)

 APPROVAL CODE: (Please read FAQ thoroughly.)


 Please provide your [email protected]AH when sending payment. 

  Payment happens after the first coloured sketch. I will notify you. 

  By posting this form I have read your FAQ and I abide [email protected]AH rules. 


♦ T A R I F F S 


I charge 12 usd per hour, and the amount you pay for my services will depend on your form. Prices are based on time I spend on art, and the wage I need to sustain myself.


So if your custom request takes me 8 hours, the price will be 8 x 12 = 96. Payment and prices are in USD


You can find some of the estimated tariffs in the dropdown box below:



Display Picture (single 160x220): 65 USD

Large Animated (single 320x440): 100 USD


Bust (approx. 931x1280): 90 USD

Waist up ( approx. 1496x1920): 120 USD


Half Body: 72-132 USD


Knee Up,  rough: 102 USD

Knee Up, detailed 162 USD


Full Body Illustration: 144-288 USD

(roughly 12 to 24 hours.)

 Marked in red is currently unavailable for commission.




 S L O T S 3/6 


♦ 01 Ria 10%
♦ 02 HealSorrow 25%
♦ 03 Offsite 0%
♦ 04 CLOSED -
♦ 05 CLOSED -
♦ 06 CLOSED -







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