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About Me

My name is Mandee and I am a versatile digital buyer. I am here to share my art appreciation for all artist.


I am also a really nice person in general. If anyone needs a helping hand extended mine is out there for you. I don't care if we don't know each other you need someone just come to me. I won't ever place any type of judgement on you. I am a good friend and have some of the best in the world. As I see it you don't need to live next door to be someone's best friend. You could be thousands of miles apart and still share an extraordinary bond.


Being in touch with your own talents and your own strength means so much. I may not make digital art but I have so much desire to see others succeed. You are as creative as you allow yourself to be. No one can take that away from you not even for a second. You know your loved, you know your worth, you know you can and do anything you want and achieve anything you want!


Talking to many artists has shown me all kinds of love and style. Along side all of what I have I said I hope to see more people be loved and succeed.


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