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  1. Thank you lovely ♥ I know it's been awhile. I'm currently going through some stuff that taking a lot out of me. But I haven't forgotten you. I really appreciate all of you so much I have no words for the support I've received for this long. You're all amazing. ♥♥♥
  2. Thank you lovely! I appreciate that <3 and I hope so too. Pray for me lol.
  3. Life's being cruel, and drawing hasn't been on my mind. I feel terrible letting so many of you wait. I'm sorry. I am planning on opening a small free shop for just minor drawings, like emoji's or chibi's to get something going. How would you guys feel about that? Let me know ♥
  4. Still not really drawing. I'm sorry guys. I'm completely blocked for art atm, and it's awful .-. but I haven't forgotten you! Hopefully I can get out of this rut soon and get some art done! I miss it AND you guys. D:
  5. @Spirited Hi dear. Yes I am so sorry. I have barely been drawing the past two months. I try to update as much as I can, it's definitely easier to catch me on discord, than on here. I really do appreciate your patience so much <3 Thank you. @Opertum Thank you! <3 @SPIDERWEBS Aww okay, I understand, I saw that you joined my server. I will naturally let everyone know once I am getting back to drawing fully again. That means that orders are closed for now. I wont be accepting any orders until I am feeling better. I will naturally still update for everyone, and will continue to do my best and finish the current orders I got. ♥ Again, thank you for being so fucking great, people. Love you.
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks for your continued support. <3 I'm slowly getting back to drawing, it's regrettably hard, but I am trying. I'm sorry I'm not good at keeping you guys updated, those of you on my discord gets a bit more information and just chat and hang out <3 But I don't want anyone else feeling left out, so I try my best to inform you all. Thank you, I am so grateful for all your amazing people ♥
  7. First time buyers I prefer payment after I show a sketch. But you can pay anytime between then and now, just note I wont be able to do a refund. ;o Hello! I'll draw any character you'd like. As long as they don't break any of my rules.
  8. @Snowcandymagic You're welcome! I'm glad we could help. I know what it's like to work yourself blind on an image. xD
  9. Stark

    Premade (sold)

    So cute! I see Lace is busy buying all the art as usual xDDD <3
  10. This is super pretty and so beautiful! Although someone pointed out to me the left hand (our left) appears to have 6 fingers. ;o
  11. Thank you lovely <3 I really appreciate it
  12. Update: Still working on spirited's order. Linework is almost done. I've been really stressed and dealing with some bullshit that's made me not want to do anything. Right now I am just trying to get back on track irl. Cleaning and pulling myself out of this rut. Thank you everyone for being patient and lovely <3 I'm always available for questions, so don't feel bad about asking anything. Hope you're all doing fantastic, and life is kind to you.
  13. Will do! Thank you! I'm glad you love it. ^^
  14. Here's a sketch hun. If you want changes let me know. And if you want to watch it done it's over on my stream at https://www.twitch.tv/starkarts

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