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About Me


Hello! and welcome to my little profile


My name is Lizz or Elizabeth, I'm 20 years old and a mom to an amazing dog named pickles and I'm single as a pringle :^)))

I love art and have loved art since I was a little child, I currently make screenies since

my drawing tablet has been broken. But since the tablet has been broken, I've taken up the new 

great hobby of gaming and recently got a gaming pc :^) (freaking hmu if you wanna be a gaming nerd with me <3)


I've been on GASR since 2013 and I've really enjoyed it here and I will continue to enjoy it for years to come.


I love meeting new people and making new friends, especially when they share the same interest as me, feel free to message me on here or on IMVU @FatFingers

Some TekTek art done for me



By Oppa



By Snggle

My 4 main OC's


By Tin

This is Sealy, she was my first

OC! She's an ugly mermaid that

I still love after all these years

and will continue to love <3



By Yoi (on old GASR, not sure about here)

This is the Nun Mercy! This OC

was created to really show my love for blood and gore.



By Pow

This is Iris, she's one of my favorite

OC's atm because of her eyes. Idk

why but I've always loved the thought

of having multiple eyes .



By Tekk

This is Candia, she's one of my

newest OC's. I made her about a year ago and only have one piece for her. She

has a witchy vibe to her and she has

candles for fingers!


Hope you enjoyed your time viewing my profile and learned a little more

about me and my OC's!

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