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  1. @DQQX you go to the first page and read all the info/rules and fill the form out that's given ^^ Is there something else you need help with? xo
  2. @Hormones Thank you ^^ did you send payment? <3
  3. @Infernorum Can you message me your e-mail so I can e-mail you the code + Instructions?
  4. @Hormones accepted ^^ you may send payment! Also I'll need a 5th button since theres 5 buttons total and you only listed 4 ^^
  5. @Infernorum You may send payment and I'll get started on it as soon as I can ^^
  6. New badge premades posted ^^
  7. @Infernorum accepted ^^ you'll need 5 button options though and you only wrote down 4.
  8. @Ori You may send payment and PM me your e-mail so I can email you the code + Instructions when I'm done :)
  9. @Drucilla accepted ^^ you may send
  10. @Evangelista omggg I love :D sorry I forgot to log on my art haven lol
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