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  1. I totally think red/gold/silver would look so amazing on her Or maybe royal blue/silver/black
  2. Text: Arianna Oc's: Psycho alien - If you decide to do her could you do expression 2A or 3D? Honestly your work is so beyond adorable, I hope you get sum good practice
  3. I love your work! Plopping my ocs here Text: Arianna Oc's: Albino baby Glam Zombie Psycho Alien All of them are weird skin toned babies, hopefully that's okay
  4. Between the new theme and the scavenger hunt, I can't tell what's giving me more halloween hype :bapplause:

  5. That's gorgeous!! I'm so digging the zombies that've been released lately
  6. Happy Friday :lazesupersxy:

    1. Crima


      Happy now that I see you :kkekecreep:

    2. Arianna


      @Crima Smooooooth :ogoodshi:

    3. Crima


      @Arianna I landed a smooth one :NOOOOO: the day has finally come :erlmo:

  7. Your edits are so amazing?? They literally don't even resemble avatars anymore, it's insane! Will def be back for something
  8. AWWW she’s so cute! I love her
  9. It's my bday so it's time to party :idancefroggu:


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    2. Arianna


      @Hopey I totally missed this LMFAO 



      @Naptime Tysm doll! :aww:

    3. Mushuk


      Happy birthday! 

    4. Arianna


      @Mushuk Thank you! :aww: 


      tysm everyone one for the birthday wishes, it’s honestly so insane how many people care and are so kind?? You the mvps:fingerguns: 

  10. I'm 1000% gonna come back soon, I need need need your art
  11. Text: Arianna OC/Refs: Diaspro Blanca Extra: nothinggg, everything in refs

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