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1. a scene or state of wild uproar and confusion.
2. Archaic. an insane asylum or madhouse.

a popular name for the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem in London,

which served as a lunatic asylum from circa 1400;





    a b o u t   m e :    

You can call me Bedlam or Tino whichever you prefer. I have the nickname "Tino" because I used to have the username "Tino123" and it has since stuck. More recently I have been called Charles Gunther. That's a longer / less interesting story.


I'm currently 25 years old and in University. My life is kind of a mess! Art has always been a hobby of mine and I have been on the GASR forums since about 2008. However, I started "digital art" around the age of 11 (although by "digital" art I mean slapping filters on photos and adding emo quotes on them). 

Currently I use a combination of Paint Tool Sai and PSP8~
. . .

    h o b b i e s   /   i n t e r e s t s :    

+ COMICS. Specifically Batgirl. Barbara Gordon is my wife. I also read Motor Crush, Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn to name a few.
+ VIDEO GAMES. Although I don't play them as often as I used to. I still religiously play Hearthstone and am a diehard Legend of Zelda fan.
 + MOVIES- Alfred Hitchcock and stuff that's good.
+ BOOKS - I read all genres but love mysteries a lot.




Perhaps he does belong with her.

"Little Miss Living"

With her Rosy Cheeks and Beating Heart...



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