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Hello. You can call me Nil, Nilou or Niloufar. Or, just dude (I am a ♀, lmao).

I do not have anything interesting to say really, I am fairly quiet on the website,

but I am friendly, I promise Lenny. If you need somebody to talk to, feel free 

to message me. I am basically on the ArtHaven 24/7, 365. Hit me up~!



So, I have very nerdy interests (and not the gamer type, the school nerd type). I

love medicine and things to do with anatomy. I like philosophy a lot. I generally   

spend most of my time either reading, drawing or jamming to music.


I am not much a watching-shows type of person, so I am bland in that area (or ju-

st bland in general, lol). I like the quiet way of living so, I am quite the hermit.    

This is a judgement-free zone, okay Lost?



On to my art stuff, unfortunately I only draw boys. I have nothing against the gir-

lies, I just suck at drawing them. I would not want to give  half-assed drawings,     



In terms of customs, I could give it go since my prices never really change. If you 

are interested in that, please give me a poke, and I will see what I can do for you. 

As for premades, check out the ArtHaven premade topic. I post all of them in there

because I lack commitment and cannot handle having a shop without it disappea-

ring because I was inactive. Not Happy



Anyways, I am pretty much finished with my monologue (or soliloquy).

All of the little gifs have links to credit the artist, so please check that out in case  

you are interested. Also, if you are having a bad day, do not worry. We all have     

these days. There is no need to worry when the moon is still the same! I hope to   

see you around! Sad Waving


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