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  1. @UNH1NGED Finished dear.
  2. I'd like to volunteer for the Christmas Charities Event! ❅ Username: @Talon ❅ Examples of your work: ❅ Would you want to accept an extra commission if someone else couldn't finish their commissions?: Of course.
  3. Order up @Comptine Hope you like it dear.
  4. @Bugy Accepted sweets, you have been added to the list. Sorry for the late reply as well. @Pains I think so too! She such a cute character. Thank you for letting me draw her. ^ ^
  5. @Incisive I'm happy you like her. <3 @Pains Order up. :p
  6. Talon

    Experimental art

    Name: Rogue Character: https://sta.sh/2197vvc4elk4?edit=1 Pose and expression ideas: Pose one: https://sta.sh/222mhnf83val?edit=1 (Pose and expression can be found here.) Hope you consider.
  7. @Narcissuss Most welcome sweets. 😊
  8. Talon

    digital practice

    OC: https://sta.sh/21q7kzhislz2?edit=1 Pose: https://sta.sh/0221akqmsia0 Theme: Japanese, light. Anything really. ^ ^ Text: Sogen Cute art by the way, keep up the great work.
  9. @Incisive Finished dear.
  10. Starting in 3mins.
  11. @Astoryah Woot woot I'm so happy to hear you are happy with her. <3 :D

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