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  1. @Boogz Perfect! Please PM me your PP email and I'll get an invoice for you. The total is $5, pending included.
  2. @Boogz I have a WIP for you! Let me know if you like it.
  3. Hello! I can definitely do this order! Do you want a pixel styled icon, or a more traditional one? There are examples on the first page.
  4. Hi Layla! What size would you want the wand to be?
  5. Hi there. I’m going to have to decline this, as I can’t in good conscience copy another artists work or heavily reference it.
  6. Thank you! I'll PM you the image now.
  7. Hi there! Sorry I missed this post, your order is accepted. Please let me know if you still want the premade. @Saraxa Hi there! Lovesick was sold a while back, sorry!
  8. Bump. 50% off Icons listed in the 'Icons' section for the next few days.
  9. @Chloe Thank you! Here are the badges:
  10. Hi Saxara! Unfortunately, I only do doodles of my own badge art as I do not want to reference another artists work. Awesome! I'll send you an invoice over PP now.
  11. Yes! I can do that. How's this?
  12. Hi Chloe! Your order is accepted! Please let me know what colour you'd like the font to be :)
  13. Hello Niexie! Your order is accepted. I'll get started on this ASAP.
  14. @Chey Thank you! PM'd you the badge image.
  15. Anna

    Premade 140

  16. Anna


  17. Anna

    Yasssss Queen

  18. Hello! Your order is accepted. An invoice has been sent to you.
  19. Bump. Valentines premades are up.
  20. Anna

    Luv U Badge

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