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  1. I love it so much!! Thank you!
  2. Oooo buddy! Love it and no changes, and love the animation idea!!
  3. So pretty !! No changes and payment sent.
  4. Really the purple lightning and the color scheme of purple and blue would be great. I don't have much past that.
  5. Yeah I did see that! My name is stormy and it made me think of storm from x-men But yeah I'll do the thigh up and water mark on the dp would be great, I love me some intricate designs uwu. Just let me know the price and I can shoot it your way, im flexible.
  6. DP/Big Art: Big Art, Bust Refs: X Background: dark clouds or simple gray works Animation: Crackling lightning? Or blinking Text: Stormy Details/Extra: The placement of storm in the first picture, but with brown hair and light skin w/ purple eyes. With purple lightning would be amazing! Can I get a water mark too with Storming separately too? Price: 22-25+ (depending on detail/ animation) Password: mortred
  7. She is amazing!! Only thing I can think of is maybe some freckles across her nose. No changes otherwise!
  8. That sounds great! Just sent the payment!
  9. Type: Bust, colored Email: [email protected] References: X Animation: Blinking eyes, and swirling galaxy dust in front of her face (if that is possible? or something you would think would look good!) Text: Punny Other: Mostly based off the galaxy picture, but with brown hair (eye color whichever you think would look best). Background a starry sky look to match. Whatever would look good, just fell in love with the face picture and wanted something based off of that! Price: $28 + additional animation

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