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  1. Hello Bby! It's been to long, but here is my form. ♥ • Commission type: More Detailed Sketch - Half Body • References: Will PM • Pose: Will PM • Paypal email: Will PM •Total Price: 63$ I believe, will edit if needed. ♥ •Extra info: Will Go over all the information in PM lovely. ♥
  2. I still can't thank you enough for doing such an amazing job on both of these girls. I'm really just charmed and in love with this piece. ♥
  3. Xstasi


    I have to say this is probably my favorite piece to date by you lovely. I also can't thank you enough again for doing such an amazing job on her. ♥
  4. Premade Name : Darkness - Because you're edgy ;} Text : Raenisa Price : 40$ Your PayPal email(You can PM) : [email protected] Extra : Will Discuss Privately ♥♥♥
  5. @FireAkra Mi Amore! ♥ I'm am so glad to be back and thank you for such a warm welcome back! I am sending over the PM right now. Thank you for always being so open and humble. ♥♥♥
  6. @FireAkra Hello Bby! I'm back, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have a commission that I'm getting for a group of Palo's and it's going to be for xmas! ♥ WL request of course. • Commission type: Flat Color - Full Bodies • References: Will Send Via PM • Pose: Pose • Paypal email: [email protected] •Total Price: 200$ I believe, however I'd like to do the 50% now then 50% later if that's okay. ♥ •Extra info: So, for the background I'd like there to be a star type of theme to it, and under their feet "The Daydreamer's Club" written there.
  7. I have PM'd you lovely and sorry if I'm slow to respond, sort of back and forth right now! ♥
  8. Of course I'll be supporting you lovely! You're amazing! Sadly no it won't be Natsume, though you did such an amazing job on her! It's going to be a different character all together so I hope that will be okay! ♥
  9. @FireAkra - !!!!!!!!!!! These finished pieces are soooo beautiful and I love reseeing mine there I have reviewed and would like to keep my slot of course, I will update my form real quick so that it reflects the new standard price, I believe would be 55$ since there is no pre-drawn art of the character. ♥
  10. @FireAkra - Sorry about that, I just copied my last form I had on here. Pose will be a bit different, and sorry about the price, that has been updated too. ♥ I hope that is much better. ♥
  11. - Commission type: Fullbody - Flat Color - References: may I send these to you again? - Pose: X - Paypal email: WL - I wouldn't mind being put on the waitlist even though I have a commission with you now? If that's okay I would like to send payment when my order is getting ready to come up. ♥ - Total price: 55$
  12. @FireAkra - !!!! Aweeeeee I’m so glad and excited sending PM now! 💕
  13. - Commission type: Fullbody - Flat Color - I thought I saw this on here at one point and was wondering if you’d still consider taking the request? - References: may I send these to you? - Pose: X - maybe something like this? - Paypal email: [email protected] - Total price: Will edit once we chat ty!

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