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Spring is upon us once again and it's finally starting to warm back up.

Dust off your baskets and get ready to build a beautiful bouquet with us!


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We have recently made changes to our Staff Team and are now seeking to hire

new members to join us! We are actively looking for individuals to fill the following roles:

Moderators, Support Moderators, Discord Moderators, and Event Coordinators.

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Guideline Update: AI & NFT Related Artworks

We have recently made changes to our community guideline regarding: 

AI & NFT Related Artworks. Please read the announcement for more information.

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All about Barumins, Baru-artists and Trait Sheet!

Here is all the information about Barumins! 

This species given to me by the cutie tiny light pink heart @Taehyung tiny light pink heart


Please know this is a CLOSED SPECIES.

Meaning you cannot make a Barumin unless you buy a MYO ticket or adopt.















1. The Creation of the Barumin.
Barumins were once balloons, but with the power of magic they became humanoid creatures with animal-like features! They use a special helium that is used to keep their balloons inflated called Baruliem that is produced by their blood, Barumins also have the ability to create balloons using their mouths. Not only that, barumins tails can grow up to twice its size!
Their usual way of transport is by floating, which helps them follow their humans. Each Barumin has its own personality, however they are all friendly and enjoy contact, as long as its positive.
If their tails ever become damaged, they are able to replace them a few times. However each new balloon created for their tails becomes weaker so taking care is key.
Some barumins are granted wings, this indicates royal blood, high status or strength. This can be very unknown and only certain magic can be used to make it so.
2. Barumin buddies & humans.
Humans adopt Barumins, which then unites them forever! Rarely, certain barumins will seek humans out in hopes to connect. Families are likely to adopt Barumins as they make fun companions and can help with with chores, learning and play! Having multiple barumins can create a happy environment, which can lead to them mating and reproducing!
Towards each other, the species are fairly friendly and cause minor trouble. They rarely get upset or angry, but if they do it causes their tails to increase and they usually isolate if that happens. Barumins can become depressed if rejected by humans or abandoned, causing their balloons to deflate and turn to walking instead of floating.
Each barumin household can share multiple humans and are happy to do so, barumins only become jealous or upset when another barumin tries to claim their human.
Un-owned Barumins usually live up high and far from anything that can hurt or damage them, as they are fairly fragile. They love to hang out with humans at carnivals, circuses, parties, and celebrations of all kinds, especially if there's a lot of people around.
Family pets also play a big part to a barumins life, as they become companions also. Barumins only interact with animals if they are owned by their humans.
3. Baru-style.
Barumin take huge influence from their humans taste in fashion, music or hobbies. Some like to dress in their humans favourite colours, patterns or textures to increase friendship! Barumins can also dress for jobs they do in the household, for example a nurses outfit, or a maid.
They love being dressed up by their humans, and love feeling special! Mixing and matching with them increases bonds.
Barumins also love to dress up with other barumins! Matching outfits, accessories and styles.
Their tails can be fully decked out with bows, clips, ribbons and much more! Some special barumins have their favourite objects inside their tails and ears too.
4. Baru-facts.
Barumin are around 2ft tall, and are all fairly petite. They never change in appearance, practically ageless! They rarely get sick, but can catch Barupox from each other which causes red faces, swollen eyes and mood swings!
Food is also important for barumins, as each individual has its own comfort food! It can be anything, from cookies to peaches, and so on! Each barumins appetite is different, some even enjoy food more then others.
Barumins are able to reproduce, but only if two barumins have been marked by each other, usually indicated by a physical mark, or certain accessories both barumins wear. The babies can be birthed by all genders, growing inside the tails until they pop. Baby barumins, known as Baruminis, can look like either parent or a mix of the two. 


5. Other vital info.
Barumins are very wide spread, but no one knows how far they have spread out too.
Not many tests have been done on barumin, but so far it has been extremely positive and they don't seem to want to harm humans. However,it has come to some people's attention that more barumins are appearing, and some look different to the ones around, could there be more barumins we havent even seen?


First of all, being a Baru-artist means you will be able to draw as many barumin adopts as you want! Not to mention being involved in events and collabs! You will receive all the profit, and will be able to choose which rarity you choose, not legendary without asking. You will also be able to create giveaways and auctions to your hearts content!
Sadly, i wont accept all submissions to become a baru artist. You must  have some experience in adopts, art, chibis, design etc. However even if you do not make chibis or adopts and are a great artist you are still welcome to submit! ( this isnt for baru artists i have invited personally)
Please do not give out free adopts or ocs to normal members as gifts UNLESS they are for giveaways.
Anything you post that has to do with the barumin species must be submitted to the group, if you are unsure please message me.
Baru artists have 20% off ALL MYO ticket prices!
Please note, you will not be able to sell MYO tickets, that is for the founder only!
All adopts created must be sent to me to approve to make sure the traits are correct
Try to keep in mind the lore and background of the barumins when making adopts.
Please do not make Legendary adopts before speaking to me. I want to keep legendary and rare adopts special!
Baru-artists can collab anytime to create batches or single adopts! Make sure to let me know if you are doing this so i can check everything!
BYou are only buying the rights to draw, not fully own the group or the species.
Any bad background, drama, theft or stealing from an artist will not be tolerated in ANY case. You will be removed if i think this will cause problems, all baru-artists must be respectful to all members in the group and must provide all their own artwork.
Using bases for adopts is totally fine! Make sure you credit if using someone elses base please. If any baru-artist wants to make their own base for barumins they are free to do so!


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