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  1. it's looking absolutely amazing so far !! I'm glad you think so AKJDFS the last part made me laugh HGKSDHKSDcaptures their personality perfectly-- !!
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  2. can i have a slot when you reopen babe
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm sorry to say that I will be closing my commissions for now. Thank you all for the support! However, if you wanted to get a comm but didn't get the chance to, I am adding a waitlist section ! If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please comment on the thread ! (You can quote this, or just say "Please add me to the waitlist") 10 waitlist slots for now, but I may change it based on the demand. I will ping you when I am ready to work on your commission. You will have 24 hours to accept before I move you to the bottom of the list, and ping the next person
  4. I'm not that good at drawing animals,, but this will hopefully good practice for that !! 8/10 : Sleep 8/12 : Toy
  5. THANK YOU TTT TYSM for your interest !! omg angel beats the way they draw weapons is so detailed
  6. New Adopt: Black-Capped Chickadee Price: $60 + experimental paint bust = $85 You will receive the high res unwm png + transparent version if you wish ! A bit more expensive because it's painted rather than lined --
  7. i finally learned how to paint decently enough -- adopt ??? soon- - I really enjoyed doing this tbh, I'll most likely try to do more painting stuff Is something like $75-$100 an okay price range?Would anyone be interested ;; ?? //I have so much trouble with set price adopts LOL, but that's the price of a fullbody detailed comm for the lowest price ,so... I might add experimental paint extras, and do more painted adopts because this is the first time that I've really understood what I'm doing I'll most likely release them tomorrow if I finish ^^ !
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