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Elite Renewal Issues + Updated Perks!

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Hi Haveners!


Recently, a few Elite members have been experiencing issues with their perks and reoccurring payments. This is because the way that Elite memberships will be handled is changing over the next couple of months.


So what does this mean? Anyone with a current subscription to Elite will remain a member until the subscription expires. However, no renewals will be offered for these older subscriptions.


And what do you need to do? Once your current subscription has expired, please switch to the new method which you can find in the Art Haven Store. The new method is already available to members who do not have an existing Elite membership - please do not purchase a new membership if you currently already have one until it expires as you will needlessly be paying double.


Elite perks have also been updated! Elite members no longer have a limit for how many communities they can create, reactions are now unlimited, and attachment storage has been raised from 2GB to 5GB to help out artists who post large art files and videos. Side note: to get to your attachment storage, click on the drop down user menu next to your profile photo at the top of the page, then click 'My Photos & Videos'.


If you have any issues with your subscription or queries, please submit a help ticket through the Contact Support page.


Thank you!

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