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Favorite Creepypasta/Short stories?

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Thought I'd open up the first thread here and ask everyone what their favorite short stories in literature are for horror.

Do you have a favorite creepypasta?  Short manga or comic?  A general short story?


Some of my favorites come from the subreddit called r/NoSleep.  I used to go onto creepypasta.com quite a bit as well and there are plenty on there that I know are favorited by a ton of people.  So here are a few I like and if I can find them online I'll link them.


God's Mouth - Creepypasta about the dangers of spelunking where you're not supposed to.

Psychosis - Creepypasta about whether or not the protagonist is or isn't mad.

The Enigma of Amigara Fault - A short manga story at the end of Gyo by Junji Ito.

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This is so hard for me to choose. I used to be obsessed with creepypasta, back when Ben Drowned actually scared the shit out of me. LOL. Now I spend most of my time on r/nosleep. 

I really enjoy the more interactive stories such as Ted's Caving Page.  Another one, not as great, is called Dionaea House. If anyone knows more like these, please tell me! 

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