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Favorite Horror Artist?

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Plain and simple question.  Who do you like who makes horrific artwork?  They don't have to be specifically a horror artist, but what artist inspires fear in you?  Are there any particular pieces that make you uncomfortable?


For me, my favorite artist is Giger.  I adore his furniture and his twisted, genital inspired pieces, and the pieces inspired by losing the woman he fancied.  Particularly this piece he made is one I adore.



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My favorite horror artist is Shintaro Kago.


Though his art falls more into the guro artstyle, I think he captures the "creepy but cute" theme perfectly. I like that he also does simple pieces that are somewhat weird but still extremely beautiful.

His shading and colors use always make me feel.. happy?

I never get tired of his work and it's so nice to see him creating these beautiful art pieces after all these years.



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