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  1. ♥______________________________________♥ …………………………………………………………, Style: 3 Screenies: X Background color: light baby pink Text: Promise Text color: White Watermark text: lover Additional features: smoke from cigarette(animated), sparkle in eyes (animated), blinking(animated), and i would like her to have heavy blush :3 Bribe?: no Paypal e-mail : may i pm? Total: pls let me know ♥______________________________________♥
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  2. only thing is can you make her lips a more nude/pinky colour :3 other than that she’s perfect!
  3. ahh! i love it already and yes baby you can resize it💛
  4. Text: Promise Refs/Oc: VU Screenshot / OC Pose 1 / OC Pose 2 (feel free to choose whatever :3) (Please do not sell my OCs/Screenshot) General Theme: Kawaii/Cute Notes: PM for any questions / artists freedom ty guys for considering :33
  5. =Order Form=  Name: Promise x Jen (couple dp) Background Color/ Design: ♥ (anything with these colours) Theme: Kawaii/Cute References/ Screenshots: Pose, Jen, Promise, Skintones Notes : for pose refs Promise(me) will be on left side and Jen will be on right side :3 Extras: PM if you have any questions cutie
  6. Promise

    Music (v2)

    1st: ♥ 2nd: ♥ 3rd: ♥
  7. Promise


    Text: Promise Ref: Face/Brows/Lips/Piercings, Hair (dark/black), Top, Nail type (stiletto) Pose/Expression: Pose Expression Animation: Winking Extra: little dot tattoos on fingers (near cuticles) Music: hope u enjoy ;) thanks so much bb!
  8. =Order Form=  Name: Promise Background Color/ Design: In ref link Theme: Kawaii/Cute References/ Screenshots: Notes : please PM me if you have questions <3 also can you pls PM me the price <3 Extras: Double head bear plushie (in ref)
  9. Promise

    Dp for myself

    omg!! in love

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