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  1. Omg that is the cutest ever!!! I’m in love already 😍 ty so much eeee
  2. TEXT: Dissocia REFERENCES: X POSE: in albums THEME: ^ ADDITIONAL INFO: artistic freedom thank you for considering!
  3. Text: Dissocia Ocs: X extra: artistic freedom thanks for considering!
  4. ☃ I'd like to be a part of Art Haven's Secret Santa! ❄ Examples of your art: What will you be making?: Drawing or repaint I promise to deliver my gift on time and make it with the utmost of care! From my Secret Santa, however, I would like... Name/text: Dissocia References (or screenies): OC or Screens Extra Details: artistic freedom FORM ☃ I'd love to volunteer! ❄ Username: Dissocia Do you promise to complete the artwork no later than Jan. 10th?: Yes!
  5. Dissocia


    Aw thank you so much!
  6. Dissocia

    P R A C T I C E

    Text: Dissocia ocs:X thanks for considering, your art is so beautiful
  7. Form: Name: Dissocia Refs: X Description: in album Theme: depends on Oc Codeword: peanut butter thanks for considering!
  8. Refs/Screenies: X Text: Dissocia Music to work with: X Extras: artistic freedom thanks for considering!
  9. Omg the examples are so pretty! 🌸😍 text: Dissocia ocs: X thank you for considering!
  10. 25% Off the listed price of all premades until Sunday evening!

    *CLICK ME*

    Message for any enquiries c:

  11. Ooh love this thank you! If I can have the tats that would be awesome! If it possible to add some more hair on the pigtails for the black hair?
  12. text: Dissocia refs: X thanks for considering!

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