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  1. claim need to start making more art again! enjoy~
  2. sai bc how tf do u blend in photoshop & i use intuos
  3. *upd8* some things came up this weekend so i'll be sure to have it done tomorrow @BallerinaUPD8 UPD8 - This week HIT LIKE A TRUCK w/ all of my classes assigning work and stuff to be done ): I'll have it done tonight! claim ik i claim a lot but this'll prolly be my last one for a bit! i'll be doing this via pen+paper so be on the lookout @Pey vv thank you sm! I do
  4. some champs feel a bit too weak w the new changes opposed to what most ppl r sayin on the forums
  5. claim (this time I'll finish it in time ) now that i see this idk wht i was doing but i might redo this and pm you v its okay! tysm <33
  6. does anyone know when preaseason runes+masteries rollout
  7. claim this took WAY too long it looked a lot better but then i kept trying to fix things and redo things and her face just looks shitty now but I tried!!!
  8. cait buffs aren't bad mountain+her headshot passive on turrets is trist 2.0
  9. how is new janna? kinda regret not taking advantage of her pre-nerfs
  10. claim v ty sm she's so pretty!
  11. hate it when you carry a game and nobody honors you
  12. Screenshot of my Summoner Profile: Click Name: Light Up (I use to main Lux and I'm level 7 with her). Honor: 5 (It's honestly not that hard to get this LOL) Rank: I don't play ranked, but I do queue up with a lot of Gold+ players in my normal games! A few weeks ago I faced a Diamond in Mid Top: Akali, Quinn, Illaoi, Garen?!? (super og) JG: I don't do this. Mid: Lux, Ahri, Leblanc, Katarina, Cassiopeia ADC: Miss Fortune, Trist, Jinx, Ezreal (When he isn't doing poorly in the current meta). Support: Sona, Soraka, Nami I've only been playing for about a year (since April 2016). I don't play tanks or bruisers, they're not my forte. I will only play Mid if I feel confident enough with my skills because let's be honest, even a single mistake can cost you the game! I tend to play support when I just wanna chill, but most of the time (90% of the time) I will be playing ARAM. ALSO, I am not an e-girl or girl at all; the champions I play are very misleading but tbh male mage kits in general don't resonate with me, they just aren't... as simple.
  13. Diadem


    still trying to find out how everything works !!!

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