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  1. This sounds weird.....but the way my paycheck at my job and bills are set up.....I'm broke until Sunday. 


    My nicotine addiction is driving me nuts at the moment though.


    Tldr. Anyone interested in an $8 USD DP commission? Less than half my normal price. I just need money for nicotine pronto. Lol.


    Inbox me if you're interested! 🥰

  2. Just dropping off some commission information and pricing. Thank you for your time and consideration. ❤️
  3. Still available! Check out my premade shop or DM me to purchase. 🥰🥑



  4. Bump! I'm thinking about doing sketch commissions live on stream soon. I'll post here if I ever actually do. I'm camera shy asf. Lol
  5. Okay. This is really freaking cool and not the type of art you usually see on this site. I love it. 😭🥰
  6. You can see my examples and pricing here: Thank you for your time and consideration. ❤️
  7. Okay. Been moving all weekend. Today is the first day I actually get to sit down and work on premades in a minute!


    As I said before going to be working on some Halloween themed premades. My brain has also decided I haven't done anything in a more anime inspired style in awhile so that's the one I want to work in.


    What does that entail? Idk yet. Everytime I get a consistent style my ADHD gets bored. Lol

  8. Both of these babes are still available! If you're in the market for a new OC check out my premade shop and give one of them a good home! 







  9. Custom done in my shop! All slots currently open so you'd be top of queue if you choose to order. 🥰
  10. Bump! Halloween premades soon! Starting on them hopefully tomorrow. I want to have some up by next weekend!
  11. @bunearyHere you are hun! Thank you so much for your order. Your OC is a babe! 😍 .
  12. Let's not talk about how long I slept but received! Just going to add text and make the DP version real quick. I'll have it to you in the next 20 minutes tops!
  13. @bunearySo I got home from work and knocked out the last bit! I tried hard to get the magical vibe. This piece was more mental than actually doing the thing. I've just been chilling away at it in downtime for like a week and a half. Definitely ended up more rendered and finished than my examples, but you had to wait so I don't feel bad about the upgrade. Lol. Final Sample image! You can send the remaining total of $38 USD via the link in the first post whenever you're ready if everything looks okay to you! Also because of my life choices I have been awake for almost 48 hours ((ADHD problems. Lol.)) So you can send tonight or wait until the morning or whenever if you want. Just letting you know I'm about to pass out in case you send and I don't respond.
  14. I'm so close to finishing this commission I can taaaste it. 👁️ 👄 👁️

  15. @buneary Nothing's shaded yet so the colors are sure to change but the bases are for the most part down. Just shading and highlights left! Just have the chains hidden momentarily so I can render properly under them. How does it look so far to you? I want to finish it by Thursday but I work a lot this week so Friday by the latest. Also. Don't mind the time spent shown in the corner. I keep passing out working on it after work so it's just open all night sometimes. Lol.
  16. All good! I'll get started on the coloring now that you've okayed it so far. I'll get you the last WIP shot before I finish by Monday. 🥰
  17. @bunearyAnother WIP! I really thought I was going to kill the flat colors before showing another WIP shot but this lineart while fun killed my hand a bit. 😭 Let me know how everything looks to you so far! Also. I made a Tik Tok showing a miniscule amount of the lineart process if anyone's interested in checking it out. 🥺
  18. Real job interview then promptly running me and my social anxiety home so I can work on commissions and maybe some premades. 


    Any ideas for premades? 🧐

  19. Real job interview then promptly running me and my social anxiety home so I can work on commissions and maybe some premades. 


    Any ideas for premades? 🧐

  20. Okay! I'll start working on the lineart. I should have another WIP for you within the next couple days here. 🥰
  21. In the works of figuring out the logistics now but soon I will be offering payment plans for more pricey custom orders and premades. 


    Wish me luck. I'm learning slowly but surely!



  22. @bunearysketch WIP here! I took slightly longer than I thought I would. I made a few slight changes to the posing. Of course it's still really rough. I really want to soften the look of the familar's face on the lineart run. Was more just focused with proportions here. Had the idea to have the chain from her collar kind of floating around her as an extra element of interest. If there's anything you want to point out or tweak so far let me know. If not I'll have another WIP to you in the next couple days or so here! ❤️
  23. My next set of premades will be at least somewhat Halloween themed. If you have any ideas drop a comment or send me a DM. Ideas are not my strong point sometimes. Lol. 


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