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We have recently made changes to our Staff Team and are now seeking to hire

new members to join us! We are actively looking for individuals to fill the following roles:

Moderators, Support Moderators, Discord Moderators, and Event Coordinators.

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Guideline Update: AI & NFT Related Artworks

We have recently made changes to our community guideline regarding: 

AI & NFT Related Artworks. Please read the announcement for more information.

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  • Notifications



    How to: Enabling Notifications


    In order to receive alerts on most things that happen on the website, it is important to have your notifications readily enabled. In order to do so, please follow these steps:



    Step 1

    Click on your username on the top right corner of your toolbar. From here you can click on "Account settings." 


    account settings.png

    Step 2

    From here, on the "Other Settings" Section, Click "Notification Settings." 

    settings other settings.png

    Step 3

    From here you will be prompted to choose from a multitude of options. Find out what works best for you! 

    Ideal settings will look similar to this:



    Be sure to save your settings before you exit the page!




    Possible Notifications

    There are various alerts you can receive when using AH. Here is an overview of all the possible notifications you might get! Please note that all of these notifications can be toggled on and off with some exceptions.


    Global Notifications
    Global notifications will look like this: 

    Global notification.png


    Global notification home.png


    These messages are sent by the Administrative group, consisting of Coordinators and Administrators. these messages will always contain important AH related information about updates, events, and general news that are helpful to your user experience. Its best not to ignore this type of notification, many updates might affect features on AH, which in turn will affect you.


    Topic Notifications
    Topic Notifications will look like this: 


    notifications shop and.png


    You will normally get topic notifications (depending on your settings) when someone posts in a topic you made or when someone comments in a similar topic.


    Private Messages
    Private messages will look like this: 


    toolbar notif.png

    and will appear on site as such: 

    onsite notification.png

    If you have Desktop notifications enabled, this is what it will look like: 

    desktop notifcation.png

    You will always be alerted with a notification about incoming private messages.


    Email Notifications


    You can pick and choose most emails you'd like to receive. If they are not greyed out, you can adjust them.

    emailed notification.png




    Award Notifications

    You will always get an award notification when participating in a AH event. 

    award notification.png



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