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Spring is upon us once again and it's finally starting to warm back up.

Dust off your baskets and get ready to build a beautiful bouquet with us!


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We have recently made changes to our Staff Team and are now seeking to hire

new members to join us! We are actively looking for individuals to fill the following roles:

Moderators, Support Moderators, Discord Moderators, and Event Coordinators.

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Guideline Update: AI & NFT Related Artworks

We have recently made changes to our community guideline regarding: 

AI & NFT Related Artworks. Please read the announcement for more information.

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  • How to File a DMCA Takedown

    System Notice

    This guide will explain how to take down stolen art, may it be on AH or other websites. Stolen art generally means art that originally belongs to a paying customer, but was taken/is being used by another user without permission of the original artist or customer.

    The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) protects intellectual property, more specifically in this case, artwork from art theft/copyright infringement on all websites. Down below you will see what to do when you see art theft on either AH and other websites.



    • AH is not affiliated with any other websites. The only reason we're including how to report art theft on other websites is because artwork purchased on AH is used off-site as well.
    • This guide was not made to report art theft. Please report all art theft as you normally would by using the report feature on the appropriate page.
    • Despite the general information listed here, this guide was made for AH. If you want to use this guide anywhere else, please ask for permission first.

    Stolen Artwork on AH


    Simply click the "report post" button and select "DMCA Violation", then go ahead and enter all relevant information you may have. This may include but is not limited to: the original photo, the artist/copyright owner, the site, etc. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to do something about it. 


    You may also file a DMCA takedown request using the form here. You can also find this form at the bottom of the website under "quick links".

    Please remember that we can only remove content on AH and not other websites.


    Stolen Artwork on Other Websites









    • Review Toyhouse's rules
    • Submit a ticket here.
    • Submit the appropriate reason, in cases of DMCA/art theft you want to select "Stolen/Traced work" or "Stolen Characters", you may also report the user or the character with relevant information. 
    • If the work is stolen or traced include the original artist and piece of artwork that was traced.
    • If the character is stolen, provide proof of where the original character belongs to.




    Unlisted Websites


    For other websites that are not listed, you will need to try and find their copyright policy. You can do this by searching "[website name] DMCA" or "[website name] copyright". When you find it, your next step is to locate the form and send it to the appropriate address, help ticket, or report. (whichever one is recommended)


    If you don't find a form, proceed to the section below. 


    DMCA Form Example


    To Whom It May Concern,

    The following information serves to assert my rights and request removal of allegedly infringing web content under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The following is a report, in good faith, of alleged copyright infringement. I am contacting you as the designated agent for the site upon which the infringing work currently appears. This letter is a Notice of Infringement as authorized in §512(c) of the U.S. Copyright Law.


    I am the copyright owner of the works and the following is true and accurate.


    1) The original work, for which I claim copyright, appears, with my permission, at the following locations online:



    2) Copies of my original copyrighted work are {attached/included/provided} to assist you in your evaluation and determination.


    3) The allegedly infringing {work/text/image} appears at the following location(s) online:



    4) My contact information, as copyright holder, is as follows:



    5) The information of the alleged copyright infringer is:



    6) I have a good faith belief the use of the above reference copyrighted work(s) that appears on the website for which you are the designated DMCA agent is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by law.


    I declare, under penalty of perjury, this notice is true and correct and that I am the copyright owner entitled to exclusive rights which I allege are being infringed.

    Signed this ________ day of ___________, 20_____ in {INSERT CITY, STATE, COUNTY}.



    Taken from https://sarafhawkins.com/how-to-file-dmca-takedown/




    How long does it take for my work to be taken down?

    It depends on the website as some have more traffic than others, bigger DMCA departments, etc. DMCA notices are taken very seriously so it may take some time. 


    When should I file a DMCA?

    You should file one immediately if you feel your intellectual property is being infringed upon.

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