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Guideline Update: AI & NFT Related Artworks

We have recently made changes to our community guideline regarding: 

AI & NFT Related Artworks. Please read the announcement for more information.

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  • Shops 101: How to Make a Successful Shop


    ✎ Art Shop 101


    Have you ever wanted to sell your art, but didn't know how or where? Well here is your "How To" guide on selling your artistic creations! 


    We're gonna lay out the rules and guide you through the process. By the end of this guide, you will be an expert on making shops and selling art!

    This Guide Will Cover:
    • General Rules
    • What type of art are you offering?
    • How to open up a shop
    • Pricing Information
    • Helpful Shop Tips


    ✎ General Rules

    Community Guidelines & DMCA Guidelines
    Please make sure you review all AH rules before you open a shop, this is imperative in order to have a safe and successful time at AH!


    [ Click here for the Community Guidelines ]   [ Click here for the DMCA Guidelines ] 


    Creating a Topic/Shop

    Please refer to [ this wiki ] In order to start your shop!


    Making a Table

    Please refer to [ this wiki ] In order to understand how to make a table!


    Your Shop Rules

    Keep in mind it is your shop and you can have rules that you wish fellow AH members abide by when buying your artwork.  You can make as many or as little rules as you like, as long as it abides by AH rules. How nifty is that?


    Deleting/locking a shop

    No longer want a shop that you've created? Maybe you feel its time to lock it in order to catch up to your orders and not have it bumped/spammed? Not a problem! Please feel free to do one of the following in order to have your shop locked and/or deleted.


    Note: Topics are automatically archived after one month of inactivity.  To avoid your topic being archived, please have your topic locked.  If your topic does become archived and you want to continue using it, please contact an Art Shop Moderator

    ✎ What Type of Art Are You Offering?

    What type of art/item are you offering in your shop?


    In the Arts & Crafts Services Marketplace:

    • Display Pictures
    • Drawings
    • Screenshots
    • Doodles
    • Pixels
    • Badges
    • Hand crafted Goods


    In the 3-Dimensional Art Market:

    • 3-D Files


    In the Webmaster Marketplace:

    • Web Designs 
    • Themes & Skins
    • Coding 


    All of which must be General Audience (GA) unless bought/sold/requested in the Mature Content (18+) Section.    


    Be sure to:

    • Include watermarked samples that show exactly what you are offering
    • Be clear in what your shop is providing and how you will provide the service
    • Help your customer base understand the time frame in which you work
    • Communicate! Most issues can be resolved with a simple post or PM!


    Members often post images without a name/text or watermark.  This can be an easy target for art thieves to steal your artwork.  Be careful!

    ✎ How To Open Up A Shop

    It's a lot easier than you might think!

    1. Click on the shop section you would like to open a shop for. 
    2. Click on "Start New Topic" in the top right above the topic list.
    3. Fill in the blanks: Title, Tags(Optional), Topic Image (Optional), and what you want in your shop.  You can optionally create a poll in the second tab.
    ✎ Pricing Information


    Pricing can be very tricky at times, and it is where a lot of people struggle when first coming into the AH.

    Note: If you are unsure of what to price your work; you can always go to:  [ Art Critique & Pricing Advice Section ]

    Payment Method:


    If you have a PayPal account and you'd like to use it as a payment option, here is some helpful information regarding payments and account creations through PayPal! 

     [ Payment Guide for PayPal ]


    Please make sure you abide by PayPal's terms of service: PayPal T.O.S ]


    Also follow the [ Announcements Sectionto see if there any any important updates regarding payment methods added or removed from AH!

    ✎ Helpful Shop Tips


    Keeping your shop organized. It not only makes you look clean and professional, but it also helps potential customers navigate more quickly around your shop!


    Dos & Don'ts

    It's a method that helps potential buyers in custom shops know what your preferences are. It eliminates the confusion when filling out forms and making your customer aware of what you'll do or won't do. 



    You may want to specify whether or not you have slots. Slots are useful if you don't want to be overwhelmed with tons orders at once. If you have a limited amount of orders, or  "slots" as many call them, then say so! You can also do waiting lists and priority orders, but be sure to stay on top of your orders and only have as many as you can handle. 


    Good luck with your shop! 


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