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Happy Lunar New Year fellow Haveners! We're celebrating the Year of the

Rabbit, with a new and exciting drawing prompt. If you're interested please

come and join us for the festivities!

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As you may have noticed, the website looks a little different recently.

There are a few things to address as to why this is happening,

what is currently not available, and what is being planned. 

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  • Taking and Sharing a Screenshot


    This guide will cover the basics to taking and uploading a screenshot.


    These programs are free to use and offer a simple solution to your screen-capture needs. 

    However, if you can't install a new program we've included a third option for you!


    Image result for lightshot logo 4977023c68800e3b1bb359a983c09a47.png Image result for prtsc key



    Available for:

    Windows/Mac, Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Opera.

    Price: Free to use


    How to use (desktop): Simple press prtsc on your keyboard and select the area you wish to capture in your screenshot. You may then edit with the tools they provide if needed. Once you have finished, you can select whether to save for yourself, upload, or share!


    Download link: https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html

    Available for:

    Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

    Price: Free to use



    How to use (desktop): Simple press prtsc on your keyboard and select the area you wish to capture in your screenshot. This will be instantly uploaded and ready for use! You can share the link to the screenshot or save the image it creates.



    Download link:



    Available for:

    Windows, Mac

    Price: Free to use



    How to use (desktop only):

    You can take a screenshot by simply pressing prtsc on your keyboard. Once you have pressed it, open a program such as Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SaiPhotoshop, Gimp, or even MS Paint!

    After you have opened one of these programs, simply create a new document and paste.

    (For Windows: ctrl + v | For Mac: cmd + v )



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