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Mature Content System Fund

For many years, the staff team here has listened to member feedback about needing a better way for artists to offer their talents in the NSFW genre of art, and a way for general and NSFW content to coexist as one.  We want to bring this new level of artistic freedom to our community in the not so distant future, and we need our community's help! 

Our goal is to implement a mature content filter that can be applied to any content on our website, be it a topic, post, gallery upload or other images, videos, marketplace files, etc.  This filter will allow mature content to exist where all other content is while being hidden to minors. Along with that, a new account setting will be added to choose whether or not you would like to see, or hide, anything marked mature for our 18+ members who are not interested in that type of content.

Due to the level of advanced knowledge needed to implement major core features such as these, and the amount of time and effort required, we will be sourcing a third party developer to help us build this new content system.  More information will be provided in the topic located here!


Raised $1,051.61 of $1,000.00 target

Summer Charity Auction Donations

Raised $391.85

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