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This is a group made with the intention of support fragil, depressed and alone people! You can post videos, images anything that you think that can put someone up in a bad day!


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  2. I finally decided to get over my social anxiety and introduce myself. ;_; Trigger Warning Hi, my name is Eva and I am 23 years old, living in Germany. I was born in Bulgaria though. I've been battling my mental health issues since I was a little kid. I am diagnosed with severe depression and general anxiety disorder. As of the past 2 years due to a traumatic events in my life I have been struggling with panic attacks as well. I've been taking medication for about 8 months now, but I really dislike it, it has just influenced me more to try and commit suicide, because it's such an easy way out. So, since an incident a few months ago I've decided to drop all of the medication I was taking to prevent myself from doing something stupid. I don't really have a person in my life that understands what I am going through, nobody has experienced it, so I am not really mad about it nor judging them. It just feels incredibly lonely to be miserable and misunderstood. It makes me feel almost ungrateful at times that I have people in my life that love me and I still want to disappear on them. I've been pretty crippled since the pandemic mentally, had to drop off of University and have been struggling to make ends meet, since I can't work. My only escape has been to draw, but since it's become my only source of income there has been a resentment building up inside of me towards it, which makes me even sadder. I feel pretty lost. Sorry for the long post I just randomly poured out my feelings, thinking it was just going to be me introducing myself to you guys. Thanks if you read the entire thing and I really hope you're all doing well and staying strong through these times.
  3. My name is Rory. I grow up in a super small town. I am currently 18, going onto 19 August 21st. I am studying to become a child therapist and family therapist. I guess my goal out if this is to hear from people like me who suffer from similar situations and go through similar issues. I lost my dad at 15 and went through quite a bit of abuse from him before then. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenic tendencies as well as minote depression. There isn't to much to me other than that. I like to doodle and talk. I hope that I can make friends and find good people to support me while I work through issues.
  4. Call me Sue. Age 19. Diagnosed with BPD, SAD, Depression. Nope, I don't have PTSD to suffer from BPD. BPD are commonly developed from PTSD yet I am not part of it. My world fell apart since my dearest passed away, ever since at the age of 10 I've isolate from everyone till now. I have a good homie which I met in uni, we mentally support each other. Tho GAD and BPD is the worst combi but we are still loving each other like a family. It's a love or hate, black or white situation for me. There's no 3rd perspectives. I love deep conversation more than small talk, hit me up if need anything.
  5. My name is AeonLeeDeloren on imvu, Aeon in rl. Though not legally my name it is really the only thing I answer to. I am 29, a transmale, polyamorous, pansexual and a Daddy Dom. I've been married to my wife Ana on imvu for the better part of 6 years, and we've been together in rl for (later this year it'll be) 4 years. I'm an artist, singer, gamer, socially awkward and inappropriate, sometimes extremely antisocial a**hole. I suffer from a whole list of mental issues and disorders, which I wont bother to list, but if you really want to know I dont mind talking about things. You'll either love me or hate me but there's really no middle ground on that. My personality just seems to have that sort of definitive effect on people. I am a self claimed pagan though I have some mixed beliefs. So there's my intro. Anything else you want to know, ask me, or learn as we chat and you get to know me.
  6. “Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  7. @Subtle Hi Ally, I'm so happy for you! I was in the same boat 2 years ago, had a depresssion and couldn't eat I was getting really skinny and not liking of myself until I found that key " growth is super important and key!! always work on bettering yourself and don't let anyone stunt on your growth " and you know what? that's really the bigest key of life! Hope you are better right now my love @Mushuk Hello Miranda, you know what? you don't need any friends for that, you just need self love, self care, a boyfriends that's amazing (and I think you have one) so the friends? they are not always friends for good reasons, almost the times they don't even care about you! @DIA Hey babe, I'm so sorry to read that and it's so bad for youreslf! Try to enjoy some days with you, go to the beach, garden, read a book anything you like and you will feel a little better I think, it works for me! Anything you want just PM me please, I'm here for you! @taetae Hi Miri, Love to see you here! I'm so glad you have amazing friends, that's really good and something hard to find, you should take care of yourself but of them too! I feeel sorry about lola, that makes me so sad I suck in video games, I suck into art and you know what? I enjoy them and that's the most important thing, just go on! Thanks for enjoying my group! @Persephone Hello cam, If you believe you can do it! You should believe more in yourself and try to do some games with your mind like: " if I can do this I can get that" you know? that works for me and should work for you, as a motivation! @Moonchild Hey Rei, that name in my country means King so It should tell something about you, you are a fighter, you should fight to get out of that country or city, fight for you'r dreams and be a good doctor, maybe one day a doctor for the ones who feel like you, who knows? Just get some money and try your life in another country I think that would be a great opportunity for you!
  8. Hello, My Name is Alexandria and I am 23. When I was 14 I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, suicidal, and deal with panic attacks. I've been having a hard time growing up dealing with this. I've been to the hospital 3 times due to trying to successfully try to kill myself. I have so many scars on my body when I use to self-harm myself. I've lost a lot of friends due to my situations threw out my years. I've been on a lot of meds trying to help control my anxiety and depression but still haven't found the right type of meds. I had to lose my job at the end of December because my anxiety and depression would be so bad to the point I have to call in, my old supervisor, you harass me about the problem in dealing with and just be a straight butt to me and always saying terrible thing to me and just acts like I'm doing this for attention. I'm having a really hard time trying to keep myself alive but I am strongly hanging in there. Stuff that makes me happy: 1: my dog 2: My friends that I still have 3: Art 4: Creating Stuff 5: My online family 6: Video games 7: Movies 8: Music 9: Reading 10: My alone time 11: Making new friends
  9. iH Nice to meet you guys, my name is Heather and I'm currently 21. I have never gone to a doctor to be diagnosed, even though I have thought many times that I should see one. I have social anxiety, anxiety, depression, and I have panic attacks too. The earliest I can remember where I've started to have bad anxiety was 4th grade, and it just worsened as I got older, but I get way too anxious to actually make myself go to a doctor lol. I hope someday I can get there ! but Hi I'm heather, I have deep thoughts and art takes me away from my mind, some things that make me happy are: 1. Having alone time when I'm overwhelmed or I freak out 2. Food 3. Music/ artists 4. Art 5. The sky 6. Drinking coffee while it's cold or storming 7. Shows 8. video games 9. ASMR 10. friends I'm always wanting to make new friends
  10. Hey there, I'm Alita. I'm currently 17 (turning 18 in 2 months). I've been dealing with BPD since 12 and PTSD since 15. I'm glad that GASR has a support group like this as it makes me feel like less of an outcast Things that make me happy is the colour pink, my loving bf, cats, art and tattoos. I hope to make some new friends here, my IMVU is wica so if you ever wanna hang hmu!
  11. Hi, my name is Rei. I'm 23 years old and i'm struggling with depression and anxiety since i had 13. I feel really lost all the time and i keep wondering why im still here. I live in a place... A terrible place to live, its not living is like .. Surviving? I can't eat propiertly or even go to the doctor or buy medicines. Just found about this site few weeks ago. I'd really like to improve and do something to change my actual status. I draw with my mouse and my old pc since i had 14. I'm not taking my meds and i have insomnia, depression. I think the hardest part for me, is being witness about all the horrible things that happen and my incability to help because i dont have money. Even if i work full time ( i was forced to leave university, Medicine, it was my dream, to become a doctor) the money i earn doesn't help. Living in venezuela feels like hell. Sorry if i sound really depressing and pesimist but there's no one i could talk about me or my feelings, i'm not good socializing. Thank you for this safe place.
  12. Let go of what you can’t control, don’t let yourself worry and stress over things out of reach.
  13. Hello! I'm Cam. I'm an English graduate student in my final year of grad school. I've struggled with anxiety, depression, and ADD. I'm currently 23, and I'm working to get back into art again. As a bit of an aside, I had left due my my anxiety. I had a lot of issues logging onto GASR because I had connected my anxiety with it. My graduate program has a mandatory underload, and I'm hoping to re-acclimate to GASR and start creating art again during this time. I'm hoping I can teach college classes with my degree when I finish (although, I may need to move x.x), but I'm hoping I can tie art into my everyday life.
  14. Hello, my name is Mirian but I usually just go by miri. I'm 23 years old and currently in my last year of uni (bless, I hate school). I've been struggling with depression, anxiety and ednos since the 5th grade. Recently I've lost my little bundle of joy - my doggo Lola - who passed away last November so I've been having a tough time trying to stay grounded. Thankfully I have amazing friends who are always here to cheer me up when I'm feeling like poo. I'm really into art and learning about different artists and also really into video games (even though I suck lol). I'm so glad I found this, I didn't even realize gasr had groups
  15. Hey, my name is Lucija (Lucy), I'm 24 years old, and I'm dealing with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I'm in constant fear of failing and loosing my loved ones.
  16. Hye there. My name is Miranda but eveyrone calls me Cat. I'm 21. I've had depression and social anxiety for as long as I can remember. Recently started having a lot of panic attacks too. I absolutely cats and my babygirl Torti makes me a happy bean. My boyfriend is an immense help too as theres probably a lot of things I wouldn't have been able to deal with since I would've been alone otherwise as I don't really have friends well in RL. I like to draw and game as well to help me.
  17. "Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater."
  18. hiiya! my name is ally & i'm 19 yrs old. i'm a full time student studying graphic design. i loveee animals, weed & psychedelics, the ocean, and moooar. i unfortunately went through a long depression episode last year which led to an eating disorder. i also struggle with anxiety but i don't struggle nearly as much with it as i used to. growth is super important and key!! always work on bettering yourself and don't let anyone stunt on your growth took me awhile to get to where i am but i'm surviving and becoming healthier everyday
  19. Thank you so much, same goes to you. I really appreciate it. Love your DP btw.
  20. Do not rely on social media for validation. These likes don’t determine your worth.
  21. Aw yeah, that sucks. But with time you'll learn french and german ! For the french part I can help you but my german kinda sucks. But don't hesitate if you need help about anything :) @ISow And yessss, already went to Neuchatel but like 1-2 times. It's beautiful Ever been there too ?
  22. " That I know how to stay only where there is love. That I can be transparent in the love I give. That I know how to be grateful for everything that comes, but also know how to thank for everything that was. That I know how to make silence in my heart whenever I feel like responding to what is (only) noise. That I know how to take a deep breath and believe (much) that I have the strength I need to move on. EVER."
  23. @Sybela - I feel almost the same as you.. I'm not depressed or depressive person but my panic atacks destroy me.. and I don't know why and from where they came from.. I'm glad you like this group hun and hope you are ok @Echo2themoon - All I can say is that you are a strong person! I don't know if I had stomach to all of that! But I'm really proud of you! hope you are better now! @Inerlime Hi hun, feel free to pm me anytime you want and for anything! @PixFem Hi hun, please don't feel embarassed! It's the worst thing you can do to yourself, I did it a lot of times and it just made me feel worst than I was so please take care of you, love yourself enough to don't let you feel embarassed. @Overkill It really don't help me I need to find another job and I can't bcs I don't speak fluent french or germany. Yes it is really big. did you ever been in Neuchatel?
  24. omg just saw this :') Talking your language doesn't help yeah but well, helps getting to know people. I'm glad you like Bern, I don't know the city (and all around) very well but seems really nice (and big)
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