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About Me


💓About Me 💓



🎀 Personal: 🎀

♥ Hi, I'm Callie! ♥

♥ I'm nineteen ♥

♥ I live in Ontario, Canada ♥

♥ I'm the proud owner of two fur-babies ♥

♥ I'm a Libra, and my birthday is September 26th 




💖 Interests Include: 💖

♡ Cats  Bunnies  Bears  Poetry  Games ♡ Books

♡ Art  My Friends  Wildlife  Meeting Others 

♡ Positive Vibes ♡ Happiness ♡ Roasting ♡

♡ Music ♡ Reading ♡


🎀 Personality: 🎀

♡ Spunky ♡ Excitable ♡ Positive ♡ Open-minded ♡

♡ Creative ♡ Artsy ♡ Spontaneous ♡ Stubborn ♡

♡ Tired  ♡ Peaceful  ♡ Caring ♡ Bossy ♡

♡ Overprotective ♡ Sarcastic ♡

♡ Yandere-complex ♡




💖 Ways to Contact Me: 💖

Discord: Himedere#0349

Snapchat: Satans.Bat

Kik: Bratty_Kitten

IMVU: Sheeply

💓 The People I Admire and Care For 💓


Alice; mon amour, my best friend. You’re precious to me, and one of the most understand people I’ve ever met. I’m blessed to have you in my life, and to have gotten to know you. I know I’m a pain sometimes, but I hope you know I appreciate every moment you’ve stuck by my side. I love you to bits and pieces, and I have no idea where I would be without you supporting me all the way. J'aime tu ♥


Marshall; even though we’re new friends and just starting to get to know one another, you’re special to me. You’ve helped me through drama, and have been honest with me the entire time we’ve known one another. Thank you for being so blunt, and trying not to kill me in Town of Salem. Thank you for becoming my closest friend, and never giving up on me. I admire you, and I'm glad we've become good friends ♥


Nicole; the one person who inspires my art addiction, as well as my bath bomb addiction. We don’t talk a whole lot, but when we do it’s always a good conversation. You’re special to me, and I hope you know you can come to me if anything ever brings you down. I absolutely adore helping you with your pieces, and I hope I get to see you continuously improve. ♥


Becky; where do I even start with you.. LMAO. You’re absolutely crazy, but I adore the hell out of you. You’ve been there for me through a lot too, and I’m sorry that I suck at returning the favour. I’m working on being there for you a lot more, so I want you to know that you can come to me any time you’re stressed out still. I love you ♥


💓 Artists I Support 💓


@Cain || @Lineara || @princepol || @Cotton || @doll || @Validus

@Sabbu || @Ukie || @Bedlam || @_rtbynour || @Robin

@Michelle || @Gave || @Y0UI || @Vickie || @Est

💓 Gifts I’ve Received/Got 💓



Gift from @Hiroki




Gift from my love, Alice


A gift from me to Alice

💓 Pixel credits: 💓
Hoppy || Teacup || Rolly || Lovebuns





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