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  1. Staff Application

    While this moderator group is separated into different categories, many duties they perform are similar and coincide with each other. All of these moderators help maintain the site but may also have job specific tasks.  General moderators consist of Art Shops & Services Moderators, Miscellaneous Moderators, Mature Content Moderators, and Auction Moderators. 
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S
    An active contributor within the community, understands the environment, knows how to use the messaging systems, and can compose topics and posts with ease Has a minimum content count of 300+   Must be able to read and write fluently in English with good spelling and grammar. Bilingual is a plus, but not required.  Owns a desktop or laptop computer Has a Discord account and knows how to use the program Received no official warnings in the past 6 months Has 0 warning points at the time of applying Understands the TOS,  Community Guidelines, Privacy Policy, and DMCA Guidelines Can locate important documentation, such as guidelines, policies, and guides Has excellent communications skills and works well within a team environment Can resolve conflicts efficiently and consistently enforces all policies equally Must be reliable and handle all responsibilities within a reasonable amount of time with or without supervision  
    O V E R A L L
    Be a proactive member of Art Haven!  While your responsibilities may take you away from public eye, remember that our users need to know who you are! Enforce all community guidelines and take disciplinary action when necessary when a rule infraction is noticed or reported. Must answer and assist users when they have questions or need help via the help section or the help ticket system. Aid in all necessary cleaning tasks. Lead by example.  
    S H O P S  &  S E R V I C E S
    Direct support for all artists who sell on our platform Assist in shop disputes Frontline of DMCA violation prevention  
    M A T U R E  C O N T E N T 
    Specialized support for all artists who sell mature/nsfw content on our platform Proactive in educating and enforcing mature content related practices and guidelines Monitor all content with mature themes Create and host mature themed events and contests  
    M I S C E L L A N E O U S
    Monitor all content under the miscellaneous section of the forums Manage DTPAY (Draw the Person Above You) Promote featured content Host art related challenges Assist in maintaining Art Haven's Discord server  
    E V E N T  C O O R D I N A T O R
    Create and host various events and contests throughout the year Manage branded content sold within the Art Haven store  
    S O C I A L  M E D I A  S P E C I A L I S T
    Promote featured content, announcements, updates, member content, and more via our social media outlets Manage "Meet the Artist" interviews  Engage with members via our social media outlets by promoting tagged content Provide social media based support when necessary  
    Please keep in mind there are no "easy" sections. We work as a team and only have titles so that each section can be prioritized in some fashion. 

    Position: General Moderator

    Number of places: 8

    Applicants: 4


  2. Authentic GASR Artist

    Why Join the Authentic Artist Group?  
    As an effort to deter art thieves and further verify the merit of an artist, ownership of the Authentic Artist title is the most distinguishing, influential and reputable positions an artist can hold while on GASR.
    Being an Authentic GASR Artist means your work is deemed to have integrity, sincerity and most importantly honesty, and does not and will not result in forged or dishonest works of art. By inviting artists to involve themselves within this community of like verified artists, it serves as a way for customers and buyers to recognize and discern credible “authentic” artists from possible art thieves and scammers!
    When can I apply?  
    Applications will be be open 24/7, 365 days of the year! Meaning you will be able to apply whenever you desire. If there are any holds on the application, it will be announced publicly as an announcement.
    Who will be approving my application?  
    All moderators will vote on your application. They will be unbiased and just in their reasoning for voting yes or no on an application, and the majority will always win. An applicants total votes however will not be available to the applicant. 
    Applicants will know of their status by a PM from a Moderator.
    Are there any perks?  
    Once accepted as an authentic artist, you will have certain privileges that will be awarded to you!
    Some of which include:
    Member Recognition A Badge & Award An Exclusive Payment Button for commissions An Exclusive Memberlist For AA's                   How to Apply & Requirements for Applicants  
    In order to apply you must fill out the application form entirely. There CAN NOT be any missed information or wrong links. If the application is filled out incorrectly it will be automatically rejected. Below are the following requirements to be eligible to apply:
    General Member Information Must be a member for 6+ Months Must have Minimum 100+ Posts Must have 1 Active shop for 1 Month+ Must have minimum 1 social media account older than 3 Months  Including but not limited to: Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, Facebook etc All accounts must be public and must have your GASR username visible.  
    Artwork provided We will need many examples of every sort of artwork you do! These examples include but are not limited to:
    Avatar enhancements (DP edits) Full Size Drawings Pixels / Badges Traditional Artwork Banners Vectors Icons Logos  
    Proof of authenticity We first need 3-5+ works of art that have already been done for each category that you do.
    Secondly, we will accept 2 works of art using one of the following two options in order to prove your authenticity. Regardless of the options you choose, this specific information is required for both: 
    All references used in order to complete the artwork.
    Your entire screen must be shown in both options.
    OPTION 1 
    In this first option, you will be able to prove your authenticity by taking work in progress screenshots. This collection of images should show your creative process from start to finish. Here are a couple examples of what we are expecting:
    [ Decorating Process Gif by [email protected] ] [ HEY - Work in Progress GIF by David Kawena ] [ Kristen Progress Gif By CrystalCurtisArt ]

    Note: While these examples do not show a full screen, this option requires your full screen to be shown.
    We are requiring you complete two (2) separate art pieces for this option. You may not start the the WIP process with a sketch already done. We need to see the entire creative process, including the making of the sketch. In order to properly record your process, you should have at least 15-20 WIP images. These should be compiled into either a GIF format, or separated into an album IN ORDER. 
      If you need assistance on how to:
    Take a Screenshot [ How to take a Screen Shot ] Put your images into a GIF format, feel free to follow this guide: [ How to make a .GIF ] OPTION 2
    In this second option, you will be able to prove your authenticity by recording your ENTIRE screen from start to finish. This is what you should end up with:
    [ Digital Painting Workflow in Photoshop by ericanthonyj ] [ Potion Bottles Sticker Design by ABD Illustrates ] [ Photoshop Speed paint- Visla By Shal. E ]
    We are requiring you complete two (2) separate art pieces for this option. Nothing must be hidden when recording. There must be no cuts when recording the process. You may speed up the recording in order to fit into a viewable format Your username must be publicly viewable within the video.
      If you need assistance on how to create a recording, please read the following wiki to help you understand the basics: [ How to make an Artwork Time Lapse ]
    Reputation & Customer Service In order to gauge your presence on GASR, we will need 3 positive reviews written by different customers. These users must have ordered art from you in the past/present.
    If no one has given you feedback on your work, then you’ll have to ask recent customers to give you a review. Please have them mention show what you made for them.
    The reviews should be a small detailed paragraph on your service. A screen capture of the review should then be uploaded to your application.
    IMPORTANT: You must be sure to ask them about your service and NOT about the quality of your artwork ( Were you polite/would they order again/ was the service provided given in a timely manner, etc)

    DMCA Disclaimer  
    Although there is no sure guarantee that an artist will always decide to remain an authentic artist, the moderators and administrative team can guarantee we will do our best and what's right by the community. With that being said, if a user obtains the title of an Authentic Gasr Artist and is found to have committed a DMCA violation, their actions will be met with consequences.
    Such consequences include:
    Removal of all Authentic Artist privileges The inability to apply again. (Once you lose it, it's gone.)

    Position: Authentic Artist

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 9


  3. Auction Shop Application

    If you are looking to open an auction shop in the member hosted auctions section, please fill out this application after reviewing the requirements in the auction section.

    Position: Auction Shop

    Number of places: 200

    Applicants: 10


  4. Auction Application

    If you'd like to hold your very own auction, or collaborate with others member on holding one, then please fill out this application after you've read everything thoroughly and answered everything accordingly. Application takes 60 seconds or less!

    Position: Auction

    Number of places: 200

    Applicants: 25


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