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GASR's official LGBTQ+ group. Although aimed primarily at those involved within the community, allies are welcome to join. (group under cons.) "We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity."


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  2. Hi! It's really nice to meet you. My name is Jack and I mostly just draw or sleep. I'm 19 years old so that's something hgnhf. I'm bisexual and a trans man. I've been on testosterone for almost a year now and I'll be getting top surgery in September so I'm excited about that! For dinner I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
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    Hello ! I'm Giselle and i love doodling, watching movies and hanging around with my lazy cat. I'm very bisexual with a hint of sparkle. I ate waffles and eggs for diner because i'm upside down like that. Pleased to meed you all. Oh ! And, my dream is to get into college soon to pursue a career in animation. (Ps: I love my girlfriend so much !) >3<
  4. AeonLeeDeloren on imvu, Aeon in rl. Though not legally my name it is really the only thing I answer to. I am 29, poly, pansexual and a Daddy Dom. I've been married to my wife Ana on imvu for the better part of 6 years, and we've been together in rl for (later this year it'll be) 4 years. I'm an artist, singer, gamer, socially awkward and inappropriate, sometimes extremely antisocial a**hole. You'll either love me or hate me but there's really no middle ground on that. I am a self claimed pagan though I have some mixed beliefs. So there's my intro. Anything else you want to know, ask me, or learn as we chat and you get to know me.
  5. hi guys im toxicpunkette a bi 30 year old mexican american , im so old i remember the original maya the bee on tv, candy cigarettes,and xuxa (asiendo palmas clap clap clap lol) i love comic books,arcade video games and stand up comedy. i like to make friends so if yall just want to talk send me a message
  6. Hey I'm Moo Moo I'm 28 years old and pansexual. I like books, video games, o.o I'm also bad at this xD love art and the Sims I have daughter that 8. Idk if you want to know more ask xD
  7. Hello, my name is Edward, Male, 16 years old and bisexual ₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾ I like Webtoons/Manga, animals, music, art, eating, and sleeping and any more thingssss! I am a very shy and quiet person, so it's hard for me to make friends also bad at introducing myself too (´;д;`).
  8. im gay tho, in technical terms, i'm bisexual. i'm also demi-gendered, which for me, means: i don't identify with my birth-given gender roles. my name is alise & im 19. she/her pronouns or any others work, i really don't mind! cancer, true neutral, infp/intp, ravenclaw, horned serpent. pls give me sunshine gf...
  9. Hello! My name is Daniella, I go by Dani. Pansexual & Non-Binary They /Them & She/Her 26 / Cat mom of 3 / UwUheals@Twitch My baby earned her angel wings earned on 4/30/21. Healbot@IMVU Follow my twitch for kitty charity events
  10. I've never introduced myself, woops. My name's Benjamin. My friends call me Ben. I'm 17 yrs old and I'm a guy. I'm also bi. I love art and meeting new people.
  11. Heyo Everyone! I'm Marc, 20 years old, from Spain My orientation is Homosexual Hobbies: I like just crying with sad music or sad scenes for some films ( Yes, I'm so depressive LOL ) I love play with my dog called Laika, talk with my friends and listen soundtracks from " The chronicles of Narnia ,Harry potter, peten pan.. " I'm not really good at english but I try to get better and trying to be open and friendly with all ♥
  12. Hello, I'm Chase, I'm 20. Androgynous and polygendered person. My orientation is Panromantic Demisexual ^^ \o/ Nice too meet everyone!!
  13. Hi my name is Soraia I'm not pan, lesb, bi or trans. But I have someone in my family that is transsexual, and I support him so much, he's making his changes from her to him right now and since then I support everyone, If you need something, about that or not feel free to pm me!
  14. Hello! My name is Sasha and I live in Chicago, the city part? I ate Ramen noodles last night, yum yum. I am a shy bisexual, I try my best to be open and communicative. Let's be buddies
  15. Hello, I'm Chandler! I'm 23 years old, and I'm just your average sad girl with crippling anxiety and depression with an overwhelmingly cringe, sarcastic sense of humor. I don't really like labels, but if I had to put one on my sexual/romantic interest, it'd definitely be pansexuality. I fall in love with the hearts, not the parts ok. Last night's dinner was meat loaf, mashed potatoes, peas, corn on the cob, and Hawaiian rolls.
  16. hi I’m sid I’m pansexual I’m a nice person I like to think. I like cats, tigers, and food mm. my hobbies are usually cleaning the house since I don’t have a job anymore lmaooo and 5 people living here it gets messy I’m a pretty boring person so I really like to have a lot of friends because I get lonely fast and don’t got nothing to do nor talk to makes me sad . im always here so hmu for some chats
  17. Hi everyone! I'm Yajaira, 18 and Mexican. I don't have much to offer so don't expect anything from me
  18. Hello. I am one really sad individual and that’s why my name is Sadaf.
  19. Haii i'm Ayumi, but you can just call me yumi or ayu, idm either! i love cats, dogs, music, art, tattoos, movies etc and im bi + also im rly bad at introducing myself if this doesn't already prove that much
  20. hello! i'm astro. i am a 20 y/o female from north dakota. i like crystals, steven universe, tarot cards, rupaul's drag race, and dark spoopy things. my sexual orientation is IDK. I usually consider myself bisexual or pansexual, but i never know which one.. I just luv everyone ya know? i'm super shy and even though i've been on gasr for about 4 years now i'm too scared to make friends so hmu i would love to get to know you guys
  21. Oof Hai hai Ehm I'm Kai.. my pronouns are They/Them and He/Him.. my hobbies are sleeping, drawing, going on small walks, reading, and listening to music.. I'm a very shy and quiet person when it comes to meeting people x.x I tend to keep to myself a lot and suck at holding a convo QuQ My sexual orientation is Pansexual buh I've mostly dated guys and am now taking a long break from relationships :3 I am a pretty chill and laid back person and a decent listener so if you need someone to vent to I'm always here ♥
  22. Mellooos!!! Im Dippie, I live for the beautiful art everyone can make its breath taking, also i am tots a meme girl! Gifs are life! I Wish i could tell you what i had for dinner last night but i can not remember i think it was like ......Ice cream? Maybe... Unsure. ANYWAYs I'm a huge fat kid Food is like my life! I am shy when it comes to sexuality and or even dating BUT i did dated both sides of The sexs and i love them both. Its really great to meet everyone and i hope to make friends! because i need friends
  23. Name: Kia. ❤ Orientation: Demi-sexual. Tonight's dinner: Saladddddddd. Currently eating it. I like to make new friends even though I feel like I scare them away with my rambling - especially if it is on topics that I love. I think I apologized to @Cymette a few times the first time we talked, lol. Anyway, I'll keep this short. Ohhh and I'm also @James' #1 bodyguard.
  24. hi hi hi hi hi hiiiiiiiii ! my name is sav and UHHHH i am a music nerd..... i also luv art...like way more then i'm supposed to UGH !! last night I had nacho salad for dinner mmm and ..i made myself ! it had avcocadoes on it too MMMmm..just thought u guys shud know hehe ooo and i am also pansexual ! I'm kinda shy about sexual orientation since like ..i'm not comfortable w telling everyone that knowing they will ask me so many questions that my wittle clutz brain can barely answer myself like CHLLBRO ...so yes pls...lets be pals
  25. hello!! i live in NY!!! not the city, the hick part (upstate). i am 16 years old and i am a trans guy! i ate fish today
  26. hi!!!! I’m Mya, and I’m 17. I’m from Texas and have been hear since forever(help). I love art, kawaii/cute stuff, horror movies, cats, and makeup. My hobbies would include watching netflix, on discord 24/7, or just spending my $$$ on artsu uh I’m bi-demi sexual i also ate spaghetti today lol
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