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League of Legends


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I main mid lane. I'll play any lane except support because you really don't want me there.

(in order of decency)

Mid lane: Viktor, Orianna, Swain, Leblanc, Talon.

Top lane: Swain, Irelia, Jax, cho'gath

Jungle: Evelyn, Diana, Jax

ADC: Ezreal, Caitlyn, Jinx, Lucian


Rank: Diamond II


Side note: I've never made it past honour 3, because I'm a horrible human being on league. 

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Main support! Fave support champs are Thresh, Nami, Soraka, and Rakan. 

I absolutely despise Zyra, Brand, and Vel' koz supports ._.

Second lane is Top, but I suck so BAD at anything other than support lmao

But when I do play, I enjoy Shen, and Poppy, thats it lol

I rarely play Jungle and mid, but when I do I like playing Annie, Syndra, and Orianna mid

For jungle, Lee, Warwick, and Nidalee

and I avoid adc at all costs.

Also if you're wondering what my rank is...hard stuck silver LMAO :^) (Silver 1 69LP as of current)

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Tbh I barely play atm so you know lets go

IGN names: NA: Flixster  - Unrenkd atm| EUW: Touch a boob - Silva 1

Main roles: I guess Mid and Jungle....  but tbh I play any role kinda..

For champions..

Top: Maokai, Kennen , Dr. Mundo I guess but I barely play toplane :(

Jungle: Amumu, Rammus, Maokai, Diana and Ekko. 

Mid: Ziggs :-)))), Orianna, Syndra idk more mages probably

ADC: uh.. anything really but Tristana, Ashe and Ezreal the most

Support: Soraka am i rite >:) or some other stuff like Janna where I can nap during the game or Morgana. Could also hit em with that Dr. Mundo or Ziggs support


Mostly play ARAM I guess hit me up if u wanna play I just do dumb shit that makes me lose the game xo 






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IGN name:  NerkVerse NA unranked. Didint fancy doing ranked this season 


Main Roles:   Jungle/ADC/Support


Top: Depends on my matchup i normally play Top in normalls just to have more learning experience but i do play Yorick top alot


Jungle: Naut/Amumu/Volibear/Xin/Shy/Kha/Skarner/Rammus


Mid: Again not a lane i really play but if i do have mid i normally would go Malz


ADC: Jinx/MF/Ashe/Trist/Cait/Kennen


Support: Leo/Blitz/Lulu/Soraka/Naut

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IGN name:   UlielKamael  LAN Gold Division


Main Roles:    Mid/ADC/JG


Top: Kenneth, Aatrox, Trundle.


Jungle: Trundle, Aatrox, Elise.


Mid:  Velkoz, Morgana, Zyra, Kenneth, Brand, Lux.


ADC:  Varus, Jinx, Vayne, Xayah and Jhin


Support:  Velkoz, Morgana, Karma, Tresh, Zyra.


I like play videogames :V

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Vel'koz is my baby. He is all that matters to me. <333



I haven't really actively been playing since July cause the community is trash and instantly puts me in a bad mood but I main mid and support? I guess. Cause my bf always wants me going support since he mains ADC.


Mid: Vel'koz, Orianna, Anivia, Syndra, Annie, Teemo, and I recently got into Ahri

Support: Vel'koz, Soraka, Janna, Lulu, (AP) Sona :^) , a

nd I used to do Anivia but then they did changes to her so it didn't work out so well. But now that they did those buffs to mages I kinda want to try again lmfao

Top: Cho'Gath, Teemo, Cassiopeia, Kayle, Quinn

Jungle: Evelynn, Diana, Volibear, Shyvana

ADC: Ashe, Jinx, Quinn, Kalista, Caitlyn, Teemo


Then I like to go my super secret build on Vel'koz that's totally op...

I call it Crit'Koz. 100% crit rate



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IGN name: Astrosi on NA


Main Roles:  Support! Though I've been playing for years I've never really branched out of support


Top: i've actaully never played top lmao


Jungle: Nidalee or Vi


Mid:  Ahri


ADC:  Jinx or Ashe


Support: Nami, Sona, Soraka. mostly passive supports


I don't really play competitive. I mainly play with a full group of friends or ARAM c: So if you're a chill player like I am then I am down to play anytime

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IGN: Veè

Server: NA

Main Roles: ADC / Support

Top: Gnar / Riven / Teemo / Darius

Jungle: Amumu / Xin / Evelynn

Mid: Lux / Ahri / Annie / Syndra

ADC: Jinx (my main) / Caitlyn / Jhin / Ashe / Draven / Miss Fortune / Ezreal 

Support: Anything aggressive. Lux / Morgana mostly. Occasionally Thresh.


I mostly play ARAM and very rarely play at all. 

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I play every role honestly, and I'm pretty chill with every role too but when I get stuck with support consecutively it makes me wanna blow my brains out.


In order of who I'm good at and currently have fun playing, (here's my champ mastery page tho)


TOP - Gnar, Fiora, Ornn, Akali, Poppy

JG - Elise, Shyvana, Diana, Akali, Nocturne

MID - Ahri, Orianna, Lux, LeBlanc, Akali

ADC - Kalista, Miss Fortune, Twitch, Ashe, Jinx



I'm honor 5 also btw

'cos i ain't ever flamed a day in my life :^ )

also i love ahri she's my best grill


EUW IGN: Fremdscham

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camps here and make this my home


I play mostly mid/support/adc. I HATE top lane and jungle because I always end up doing bad and/or @Nerk tilts me when I do play and makes me lose hope.


Support: Karma, Sona, Soraka, Taric, Leona

Mid: Malzahar, Lux, Syndra, picking up on ahri and akali

ADC: MISS FORTUNE | also ashe, jinx, sivir. but MF IS BAE. 

Jungle: haha haha ahaha no one. If i get force to go jungle its diana or voli

Top: Quinn or teemo or jayce or basically never


I need to branch out more and try tankier champs and/or more damaging champs for top lane. but idk it's scary and lonely up there ;( 



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