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Tattoo appreciation :3

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So like,

I thought it would be cool if there was a thread to show off the art we've put on our bodies??

I currently only have 6 tattoo's but I would love more!

How many do you guys have? When did you get it? Why did you get it? 

Like lets see them!! 


Here's mine:


1st -  I got this for my 21st birthday. Music was the only thing that helped with my anxiety. 


2nd - Matching cupcake tattoos me and my friend go when I visited her in Australia. 



3rd - This was last year, went to Ibiza on a girls holiday and just wanted to do something stupid because YOLO!



4th - This I also got last year, on the anniversary of my grandmothers death, Her favourite colour was purple and she loved butterflies 😢



5th and 6th - Literally got these because they were a bargain at £100 each, got them February this year, both were birthday presents :3



Tattoos are art, they last forever (most of the time). Always think before getting a tattoo! It's also so addictive, I'm already planning more haha.
Can't wait to see all your art x

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I only have one at the moment, but I want more!

The one I have is on my left inner forearm.

I got it as a present for my 19th birthday.

My mum and I have little sayings so I figured I'd get a tattoo of one of them.

"I love you more than the stars, the moons, and the pink planets."


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this is not perfekt photo of it but i have the cobra commander cobra emblem on my chest
it was my first tattoo ever perform on the day i turned 18
i finally am starting to have funds for more so i would like to kontinue with more obnoxious ink

based on:




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I only have one but it has a lot of meaning for me. 

Ignore the pic, it was immediately after I got it done so it looks a lil strange but I couldn't be bothered to take a new one.



My mum died when I was 19 and she loved dolphins. She had a dolphin tattoo herself, dolphin figurines and I remember when I was very little she had a dolphin nose stud. 

So, I decided to get a dolphin on my wrist and I love it. It actually strangely provides me comfort, whenever I feel a heightened bad emotion or a bit of anxiety or stress, I rub my wrist which has just become a habit but actually soothes me. She was a huge part of my life and I miss her immensely so this is a very special lil tattoo to me. 


heres a more recent pic that shows its size, its a v small lil tattoo




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two of my fav tattoos in the spoiler

the upper one (by notslimcorey @ IG - is part of a friendship tattoo with my best friend since high school; both of us have creatures holding mugs with tea, so we can clank them together when we need to LOL). also got a 3-eyed demon cat portrait made by him on the same leg from his last halloween flash designs.

and the octopus bcos it's my favourite animal and it's by one of my favourite artists in estonia (Liisa Addi - addidraws on IG). been stalking her since forever on deviantart :guycry: continuing my sleeve with her art next month i'm so excited < 3 


i also have a portrait of my cat Rudolf and a pwetty flower branch on my other leg by tanya.voronova @  IG C: 


and thassit OwO 






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These are mine..

Neither are that great of pictures LOL

I don't show my tattoos much beside in person soooooo

The first one I basically took in the dark cause im dumb, and the second I just got it done this month

and touched up once so its not healed all the way yet, I don't have a non shiny or peely pic of it. 




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This thread is great. 

I got this tattoo back in September for my sisters birthday. We both got tattoos and me being the oldest I had to go along with her. 

It’s a water color background with my Aquarius constellation. 

I have so many ideas for more tattoos 


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New favorite thread, I love seeing peoples tattoos/hearing their reasons for getting them. Me uh, I like art and like displaying it on my body idk. I've only got three at the moment, and I'd probably have more if I didn't move away from the artist who did the first two because I love her style more than anything and kinda want her to fill my entire body, I'll keep ya posted if I move back ha. Got these all within the same year about a two years back because I have no restraint.




This is the fullest picture of this one that's sfw

same artist below silky.jo@ig



then below is by phoebej_tattoos@ig





Also @slug Does your artist have an IG? I absolutely love your tats and the style. :ogoodshi:



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