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Happy Lunar New Year fellow Haveners! We're celebrating the Year of the

Rabbit, with a new and exciting drawing prompt. If you're interested please

come and join us for the festivities!

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As you may have noticed, the website looks a little different recently.

There are a few things to address as to why this is happening,

what is currently not available, and what is being planned. 

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    How to: Profile Images / Display Pictures


    So you've signed up to AH and don't know where to start? A simple way to spice up your profile is by adding a profile image! By default, your display picture will automatically be this image:


    In order to change your profile image, begin with the following steps.


    Step 1

    Click on your Profile:


    Step 2

    Click on the image icon next to your profile image







    From there you will have several options to choose from: 

    Upload Photo - This will allow you to directly upload an Image from your computer. To preserve image quality, saving the format as a .Png for images / .gif for moving images will be best. 

    Import from URL - This will allow you to input a link instead of having to upload an image directly from your computer. This option is best when an image is too large in data size for the forum to handle. It will host it from whatever link you place. Please note your link for this type of option must always end in the format code. 

    Example: www.exampleimagehost.com/example.png OR www.exampleimagehost.com/example.gif 

    No Photo - This will remove any images you may have and restore your profile picture to its default setting. 

    When you are done picking a profile image don't forget to hit save. By just changing your profile image, you've earned your first AH award: Shutterbug! 



    How to: Post a Status / Enable Status Messages


    A new feature on AH is now the ability to post a status for your followers to view! These can come in handy when posting updates on your shop and general user communication. Any and all statuses posted will also be shown on the AH Radar. 


    Step 1

    In order to post a status, you must first enable to option to do so on your Edit Profile tab. This should be located on your profile, on the top right corner of your cover image: 



    Step 2

    Underneath the Basic Info tab, You can chose to enable status updates. Please be sure that it is checked green, as shown below: 



    Step 3

    From there, you should now be able to post a status from your profile!






    How to: Follow a User


    Your Followers is very similar to a what a friends list would be. They will be able to follow you back and get notifications every time you post a status! 


    Step 1

    In order to follow a user, simply go to their profile and click the follow button: 




    Please Note: You can only follow a member if they have allowed others to follow them. With that being said, If you'd like other members to follow you, be sure allow them via your profile: 






    How to: Blocking "Ignoring" a User


    If someone is bothering you or you wish to not have to contact a user, you can simply put them on your ignore list! You may do so with the following steps. 


    Step 1

    Start by first going to the "Ignored Users" link that can be found on your settings page:



    Step 2

    From here you will be prompted to choose the user you would like to Ignore, and the content you do not want to see by them: 




    Note: You cannot ignore/ block any staff members.


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